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The Authors 2010

Michal Hvorecký   -   Slovakia   

Michal Hvorecký, born in 1976 in Bratislava, represents the new generation of people engaged in the European cultural sector, a generation that adapts confidently to the changes impacted by globalisation. He is one of the most successful and versatile young writers from Slovakia, and has already received several literary prizes and grants. Until now, he has published three novels and three collections of short stories. Two of his books have been published in German: His novel "CITY: Der unwahrscheinlichste aller Orte" (CITY: The most incredible of all places) has also premiered as a theatre play in Hannover, Germany. His most recent novel "Eskorta" was published in March 2009 by Klett-Cotta.
Hvorecký contributes regularly to Slovak and Czech newspapers, as well as to the German newspapers F.A.Z and DIE ZEIT. In November 2009 he received the International Journalists’ Award in Berlin.

Ariane Grundies   -   Germany   

Ariane Grundies was born in 1979 in Stralsund and studied at the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig. She won an award at the 2002 Berlin "Open Mike" festival, now regarded as the most renowned German-language competition for new young literary talents. Her stories have appeared in various anthologies, as well as in a collection entitled "Schön sind immer die andern" (The others are always beautiful).
"Am Ende ich" (Me in the End) is her first novel. It was quickly followed up by the non-fiction books "Anderes Ufer, andere Sitten" (Other Shores, Other Customs) in 2007, "Das Lexikon der Kosenamen" (The Dictionary of Pet Names) in 2009 and "Gebrauchsanweisung für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” (A Manual to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) also in 2009.
Ariane Grundies has been awarded several grants. She currently lives in Berlin.

Natasa Kramberger   -   Slovenia   

Nataša Kramberger was born in Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, in 1983. She won the Slovenian young authors prize in 2006 and her book "Heaven in a blackberry bush, a novel in stories" was nominated for the Kresnik Prize as Slovenia’s best novel of the year in 2008. In the same year Nataša won the international short story competition "A Sea of Words" which is sponsored by the Anna Lindh Foundation.
Nataša also works as a reporter for the Večer Daily newspaper and writes weekly reportages and monthly columns for different magazines.

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