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The Writers 2005

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Asko Künnap   -   Estonia   young euro connect
Asko Künnap was born in 1971 in Tartu, and studied industrial and graphic design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. He then went on to take a course in interior design in Oslo. He is the artistic director of a design studio in Tallin, and heads an advertising agency - work for which he has already received numerous prizes. He has published three books to date: in 2001 „kokkusattumuste kaitseks” (In Defence of Coincidences), a catalogue of his third graphics exhibition with prose elements, in 2003 „Ja Sisalikud vastasid” (And the Lizards Replied), a volume of prose in the form of a typographical handbook, and most recently, he published „koige ilusam soda” (The Most Righteous War).

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Asli Tohumcu   -   Turkey   young euro connect
Born in 1974 in Leverkusen, this writer and journalist grew up in Bursa, and studied English Language and Literature at the University of Istanbul. She has been working for many years as a writer for various publications such as Varlik, Ithaki or Vatan Kitap, reviewing books, conducting interviews with writers, and composing essays. Asli Tohumcu holds a highly critical view of Turkey, and writes about the climate of violence there, about the country's attempts to secure peace and about the situation of women. Her first volume of short stories, published in 2003 by Yapi Kredi Publishing, deals with the subject of day-to-day violence, and its surreptitious permeation of society.

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Oliver Vigna   -   France   young euro connect
The economist Olivier Vigna published his first book „L'appendice des jours” (The Appendix of Days) in 2004. Vigna, who was born in the southern French city of Lyon in 1970, says he has developed a sense of where and how the world is propelled off balance, and regards it as his duty to impart this information. Olivier Vigna currently lives with his family in Paris, where his day job is international banking.

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Michal Hvorecký   -   Slovakia   young euro connect
Michal Hvorecký, born in 1976 in Bratislava, represents the new generation of people engaged in the European cultural sector, a generation that adapts confidently to the changes impacted by globalisation. He is one of the most successful and versatile young writers to come out of Slovakia, and has already received several literary prizes and grants. His debut came in 1998, with the collection of short stories „Silny pocit istoty” (The Strong Sense of Cleanliness). In 2001, he published a collection of stories „Lovci & zberaci” (Hunters and Gatherers), which made it onto the Slovakian bestseller lists, and was translated in Polish and Czech. His novel „Posledny' hit” (The Last Hit), was published in 2003. Hvorecký contributes regularly to Slovak and Czech newspapers, as well as the German newspapers FAZ and DIE ZEIT.

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Kirsten Fuchs   -   Germany   young euro connect
Kirsten Fuchs, born in 1977 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), began writing at an early age. From 1993, she participated regularly in courses at the Berlin Writers' Workshop, courses she has been running herself since 2000. After completing a carpentry apprenticeship, in 2002 she became a member of various Berlin reading groups such as „Erfolgsschriftsteller im Schacht”, „Marabühne” or „O-Ton-Ute”. She has had work published in various anthologies, and she regularly writes a column for the Berlin daily newspaper „die taz”. She was invited to the Meeting of Young Authors at the 1997 Berliner Festspiele, and in 1999 she won second prize in the 8th Berlin Youth Literature Competition, as well as the Open Mike award in 2003.

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Sasa Stanisic   -   Bosnia   young euro connect
Sasa Stanisic has been living in Germany since 1992, but most of his work is about the war that he experienced as a child. Born in 1978 in Visegrad, Bosnia-Herzegovina, he studied philology at Heidelberg. His thesis won him the Jürgen Fritzenschaft Prize for outstanding academic achievement for studies in German as a foreign language. Following a number of study trips and tutor assignments in the United States, he is currently studying at the Institute of German Literature in Leipzig, working on his dissertation on football and literature. In 2005, he was awarded the Ingeborg Bachmann Audience Prize at the Klagenfurt Literature Festival.

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Miroslaw Nahacz   -   Poland   young euro connect
Miroslav Nahacz found fame overnight at the tender age of 21, when his first novel „Osiem ctery” (Eight Four), published in 2003, was awarded a prize by the Natalia Gall and Ryszard Pollak Literature Foundation. The second novel, „Bombel”, was published in 2004, and enjoyed similar success, leading critics to draw parallels between Nahacz and Andrzej Stasiuk. Nahacz's work is a shining example of the literature being produced by young Polish writers today. At the University of Warsaw, where Nahacz is currently pursuing a course in cultural studies, there are several successful authors in his age group. „We spur each other on,” says Nahacz. „In any other environment, I wouldn't be so productive.”

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Sukhdev Sandhu   -   England   young euro connect
33-year-old Sukhdev Sandhu, whose parents came to Britain from the Punjab, studied at Oxford and lectured at New York University. Today, he writes for a variety of publications including the London Review of Books, New York, Du Mag and Modern Painters, mostly on the subjects of literature, art, pop music and urban life. He also produces radio documentaries for the BBC, is co-editor of the literary magazine Granta, and film critic for the London Daily Telegraph. In the latter function, he won the prize for Best Critic at the British Press Awards. He published his second novel this year, titled „I'll Get My Coat”.

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