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Young Euro Connect 2010

Ode to Greece: “Thank you for letting us completely rethink Europe“

We dispatched three young writers on the literary path in 2010 with this somewhat provocative topic: Michal Hvorecky, who has become a superstar of young Slovakian literature in the meantime; Natasa Kramberger, who was nominated for Slovenia’s most important book prize at the age of just 22 years as the first woman to receive that honour; and Ariane Grundies of Germany who, according to the F.A.Z newspaper, “makes surprising sounds audible.”

They have treated this thought-provoking topic in texts that take a look at what the euro crisis in Greece has actually evoked in us Europeans. Where does solidarity stop? How could the Greeks let things go this far? This topic is explored with a literary approach in Young Connect. Michal Hvorecky provides the reflective analysis of a Greek dog from a humble background that illuminates the events in Greece. In Natasa Kramberger’s contribution, a colourful group with a mutual fate riding a Slovenian long-distance bus lands – thanks to the inexperienced bus driver – in the middle of the question of whether someone who turns his pension directly into alcohol should be allowed to board. And Ariane Grundies stumbles into a wonderland in which Greek "PIIGS" dare to wear white vests and give the (German) queen and her people this choice: Feed us or we will explode.

The texts were recited by the renowned actors Katharina Schmalenberg and Henning Vogt at the Literary Overture: Young Euro Connect on 5 August at 8 p.m. in the Konzerthaus Berlin. Stephan-Andreas Casdorff, editor-in-chief of the "Tagesspiegel" was the moderator for the evening.

The authors’ literary perspectives were supplemented by a political assessment and visions for the future by the German-Greek Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Member of the European Parliament. Young Euro Connect 2010 combined literature and politics – and it was all embedded in a Greek festival with music and wine.

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