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2008 Europa – united in fraternity?

In 2008 twelve young author at the starting point of their career have been asked to speak and write about „Europe – united in fraternity“. Which meaning do they connect with the ideals „liberty“,„equality“ and „fraternity“ – focussing in 2008 on „fraternity“? Do they still consider them as basic components of modern Europe? Does the different regional origin of the writers lead to diverse perspectives on these ideals? Do writers coming from non-European countries perceive the same connection between those ideals and modern Europe?

Six of the twelve authors will be invited to presentation events in Germany. These six authors will read fragments of their essays in their native language. The German actors Katharina Schmalenberg and Dietrich Mattausch will read the complete texts in German translation. The moderator of the evening will be Stephan-Andreas Casdorff.

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